What Problems Can An Emergency Dentist Diagnose And Treat?

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After suffering a blow to the mouth or developing issues with oral health that are intolerable, it can be scary. During these times, a trip to the emergency dentist may be in order. While some cases are easy to diagnose and treat, emergency dentists can also use their expertise to diagnose and promptly treat more complex concerns as well. 

Problems an emergency dentist can address

Unfortunately, all too many do not seek the treatment they need from an emergency dentist because they do not realize they can treat their specific concern. However, emergency dentists can treat a range of concerns. Four of the more common issues they can diagnose and treat include tooth abscess, broken teeth, loose teeth and teeth grinding. 

Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess, or a dental abscess, occurs after the root of a tooth becomes infected. If the pulp inside of a tooth becomes infected (tooth infection), then an abscess will likely develop. The symptoms of a tooth abscess include a throbbing toothache, increased tooth sensitivity and swelling around the tooth. 

The symptoms often become severe and require prompt care. If the symptoms are not severe, then it is still encouraged to consult with an emergency dentist as a tooth abscess that is not treated promptly can worsen and the infection can spread. An emergency dentist can diagnose and promptly treat a tooth abscess through various means.  

Broken tooth

A broken tooth refers to various types of tooth damage. It can refer to chips to a tooth that causes pain and sensitivity, as well as, a cosmetic concern. It can also mean a cracked tooth that is painful and increasingly vulnerable to becoming infected. Broken teeth are often the result of a blow to the mouth that can occur during sports, as a result of a fall or during a physical altercation. Swollen, bleeding and discoloration of the gums may occur as well. An emergency dentist can treat instances of dental trauma that results in a broken tooth. 

Loose tooth

A loose tooth could also be the result of dental trauma. However, it is perhaps even more commonly the result of poor oral hygiene. Loose teeth can happen when the patient does not care for their teeth properly and the periodontal disease worsens and leads to gum recession. Emergency dentists can diagnose and treat most cases of loose teeth. 

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is more common than many realize. It often leads to chips, cracks and other types of teeth damage. It can become an emergency situation if teeth are damaged by grinding and the damage leads to an increased risk of an infection or other more serious oral health concerns. Also, if there is severe pain as a result of grinding, a visit to an emergency dentist may be in order. They can effectively diagnose the issue and help the patient with long-term treatment. 

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