What Makes Implant Dentures Different From Other Denture Options?

Implant Supported Dentures Newtown, CT

With the help of implant dentures, you can overcome the embarrassment of having missing teeth. You should not have to live with large gaps in your mouth, hindering your smile. There are different types of dentures you can choose. Your dentist can help you select a treatment that makes sense for your needs and goals. It is helpful to compare traditional dentures with the implant-supported variety.

The causes of missing teeth

Permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Teeth are made of the strongest substances in the body, but they can still crack, break, or deteriorate. Poor oral hygiene such as failing to brush and floss each day can cause decay, infections, and eventually tooth loss and bone loss. Even if the teeth do not fall out on their own, the dentist may have to extract them. On other occasions, teeth can fall out due to a hard blow to the face. This can happen in bike accidents, car accidents, or while playing sports.

An explanation of traditional dentures

In some form, dentures have long been a method to replace teeth and preserve the function of the mouth. Dentures consist of a gum-colored acrylic base with artificial teeth. The teeth are often made of metal, covered on plastic. The dentures rest on the gums and provide a natural-looking solution to a toothless smile. These dentures are removable, so the person wearing them can regularly clean them. Dentures can also stand up to most types of food, though the artificial teeth can stain.

An overview of implant dentures

This style of dentures has a similar function but does not rest directly on the gums. Instead, the dentist will place at least four dental implants into the jaw. These implants support and anchor the dentures. The artificial teeth look like natural teeth and allow the person wearing them to eat and speak normally again.

The benefits of implant-supported dentures

One of the biggest complaints about dentures is that they can rub against the gums, causing sores. Dentures also have a tendency to slip out while the individual is eating or talking. Implant dentures are more firmly in place and should not slip or shift. These dentures are more comfortable too.

The drawbacks of implant-supported dentures

Implant dentures might not be the right choice for every patient. People wearing them cannot remove the apparatus; the dentist will do this as needed. These dentures also require a more extensive process. The patient will have two rounds of surgeries to place the implants into the jawbone. This can take several months, as the patient must heal in between procedures.

Show off your smile again

Missing teeth can cause you to avoid social situations. It can make it difficult to eat or speak. There are different ways to solve this problem. If you get implant dentures, you can have a long-term solution to your appearance and oral health. Talk to your dentist today about getting this treatment. You can get started now on replacing your missing teeth.

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