What Is a Flexible Partial Denture?

If you are looking for a replacement option for your missing teeth, you might be interested in a flexible partial denture. These dentures are made of a flexible thermoplastic nylon resin and feel much closer to regular teeth than acrylic and cast metal dentures do. Get the details on flexible partials to decide if this is a good tooth replacement option for you.

How It Works

Since a flexible partial denture is made of thermoplastic material, it can be easily manipulated to fit the patient’s mouth. Dentists make a mold of the mouth. Then, the material is heated up and injected into that mold.

How the Dentures Are Held in Place

Acrylic dentures contain a heavy acrylic base and metal clasps that provide stability. A flexible partial denture is quite a bit different. These lightweight dentures are held in place with thin projections that securely fit between the teeth and gums.

These lightweight, thin and flexible devices are also more comfortable than acrylic dentures. The dentures are not nearly as bulky as acrylic dentures, so they feel much more natural. People report that eating and drinking with these dentures is similar to eating and drinking with natural teeth.

Aesthetic Considerations

Many people are pleased with how these dentures look. Most partials stand out, but these blend in and actually cover up some imperfections in the mouth.

Nearly Invisible

Flexible dentures are available in a range of colors. Dentists match the color to the patient’s mouth, creating a denture that is close to invisible. People tend to feel confident wearing these dentures because they blend in with the mouth so well.

Cover Receded Gums

Dentists can extend the gum-colored base to improve the look of the gumline. The partial’s gumline has the ability to cover receded gums, creating nicer-looking smiles.

Caring for the Dentures

A flexible partial denture is resistant to breakage, but people still need to practice proper care when wearing these devices. Proper care extends the life of the denture and improves comfort and oral health.

Clean the Dentures

Oral hygiene is very important when wearing these devices. Food and bacteria can get trapped under the denture’s projections, so wearers need to take them out and brush their teeth at least twice a day. Otherwise, their remaining teeth could decay.

Take Them out at Night

It is important to take these dentures out at night. The devices need to be cleaned and then left out while sleeping. Then, the wearer can put them back in the next morning.

Are Flexible Partial Dentures the Right Choice?

If you think flexible partial dentures are the right choice for you, you need to make an appointment with a dentist. The dentist will evaluate your needs and determine if this is a good temporary or permanent solution. If it is, you can move forward with the molds so you will have the right fit. Then, when your dentures come in, you can begin enjoying the benefits.

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