Understand How Invisalign® Aligners Work

Patients who are wanting to get any gaps or crooked teeth straightened are learning that there are more options for doing so than ever, such as Invisalign®.

Traditional metal braces are what people typically think about when you need to get your teeth straightened. However, dental technology has advanced much more and continues to as time goes on.

How does Invisalign® work?

The steps to get Invisalign® are very straightforward and is uniform for all patients. However, it is in these steps that the Invisalign program is unique and specific for each patient.

Cleaning The Teeth and Mouth

The most important aspect of the Invisalign treatment is the computer scan that is taken of the mouth, teeth and gums. Using this imaging, the computer-generated Invisalign retainers are crafted to fit each patient individually. Ensuring to keep the mouth clean during the treatment is critical to ensure the aligners stay in good condition and continue working until it is time to switch to a new aligner.

Creating The Treatment Plan

Working with the dentist, the patient will see and understand precisely how long the treatment process will take. The aligners are typically changed out either every two or four weeks and continue until the end of aligners. However, at the beginning of the treatment, it will be discussed how long the Invisalign treatment will take.

Changing Out Invisalign Aligners And Maintenance

One of the most critical aspects of the Invisalign treatment is ensuring the aligners are worn for at least 20 hours per day. It is crucial to remove them when eating or playing sports, especially any contact sports that could jar and crack the aligner.

Keeping the Invisalign aligners clean is as easy as washing them off under warm tap water before and after a meal. It is recommended to never use a toothbrush on the aligners, due to the chance of scratches and cracks occurring.

Keep All Your Dental Appointments For Invisalign

Typically your dentist will outline your Invisalign treatment plant in one setting, and you will only need to go to your usual bi-annual dentist check-up and appointment.

During these visits, if any issues are popping up or causing the patient any problems, the dentist can evaluate these and assist if replacement aligners need to be obtained. It is important that during the treatment, if anything happens to the aligners, that the dentist is called and whatever steps they give are completed to ensure the treatment is not messed up or delayed.

Let Our Office Guide You For Invisalign Treatment

We know that getting your teeth straightened to have no gaps is something we all want to have. Having straight teeth is very obtainable, and you can do it with a minimal invasion of how your teeth look and no extra trips to the dentist.

Give our office a call, and we can help you in obtaining the straight teeth that you want using Invisalign. We look forward to hearing from you!

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