Tips for Dealing with a Broken Tooth

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It is important to visit the dentist anytime a broken tooth occurs. However, before the dental visit, there are certain things you can do to minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of a tooth infection and other oral health concerns. 

How to handle a broken tooth

A severely broken tooth requires emergency treatment to ensure the initial symptoms are kept to a tolerable level and to prevent the tooth from becoming infected or lost. If the break is not severe, the patient may be able to wait for a more opportune moment to see the dentist. The following are tips on how to handle a broken tooth

Rinse your mouth often

It is essential to keep the mouth clean after enduring a broken tooth. This is because the risk of a tooth infection is higher, especially if the root of the tooth is exposed due to the break. Additionally, keeping the mouth clean can keep the pain, swelling, bleeding and sensitivity to a minimum. Be sure to rinse your mouth out often. Saltwater works well for rinsing, along with drinking water throughout the day to keep bacteria and food particles washed away. 

Keep swelling to a minimum

Swelling and bleeding of the gums is a common concern after a broken tooth occurs. Not only does it cause discomfort, but gum complications can also suggest an increased risk of developing a tooth infection. Until a visit with the dentist, you can control the swelling and other discomforting symptoms by taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication and using a cold compress on the affected tooth. If swelling or bleeding is uncontrollable or becomes severe, visit the dentist as soon as possible for emergency treatment. 

Choose what you eat carefully

It is important not to do anything to irritate the broken tooth. Be sure to avoid chewing on the broken tooth and stick to a diet of soft foods until you are able to see the dentist. Additionally, try and limit the consumption of soft drinks, coffee, tea and other drinks that contain sugar. Instead, drinking water throughout the day can keep bacteria and food particles washed away. You can also avoid irritating the affected tooth by wearing a night guard to prevent teeth grinding. 

Visit the dentist as soon as possible

Properly dealing with a broken tooth at home is helpful, but it is not a replacement for a dental visit to address the dental trauma. Be sure to call the dentist as soon as possible, preferably on the same day the broken tooth occurs. Depending on the severity of the damage and the symptoms, the dentist may either recommend emergency treatment or arrange a time within a week to deal with the broken tooth. 

Schedule a dental visit for broken tooth treatment

If you are dealing with a broken tooth and need dental treatment, give our friendly dental team a call today. We take pride in helping our patients get the prompt care they need for a broken tooth and ensuring the tooth is properly protected long-term.

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