The Benefits of Visiting a Preferred Invisalign Provider

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When crooked teeth affect the look and function of a patient's smile, a preferred Invisalign® provider can help create a customized treatment plan for improved alignment. This distinctive position is earned by treating a minimum of 10 cases per year. While there are many advantages to choosing this type of provider, every level within the Invisalign® network can offer a host of preferable options for straightening teeth.

The general benefits of Invisalign® treatment

While traditional braces are effective for smile correction, this treatment can be unsightly, uncomfortable and difficult to clean. The average duration from start to finish lasts between one and two years. In contrast, clear aligner trays from Invisalign® are more discreet and less painful and allow for more thorough daily cleanings, since the devices are completely removable. The average treatment period lasts between 12 and 18 months but noticeable results often occur within the first few weeks.

Invisalign® utilizes technology to continuously improve and enhance treatment methods. Some providers may use the iTero Element® Scanner, which takes a 3D digital scan of the patient's teeth and gums for an interactive image without the need for molds and impressions. Professionals may recommend the use of SmartForce® attachments or wings, which help treat more severe alignment problems

The SmartTrack® material is designed to fit in place with less slippage and discomfort, for a more secure and comfortable experience. Parents can request compliance indicators on a child or teen's trays to ensure proper use. Finally, once the desired shape and position is achieved, durable retainers help keep the teeth in place for years to come.

Choosing a preferred Invisalign® provider

Working with this type of dental professional comes with its own set of unique perks. These can be especially helpful for patients with severe or specific issues.

Improved expertise

Dentists who reach the status of preferred Invisalign® provider have treated a higher number of cases each year. These particular individuals are in the top 5% of providers who offer Invisalign® treatment. This level of experience can offer patients an improved overall experience.

Ability to treat more severe cases

Clear aligner trays can be used to resolve several issues with misalignment:

  • Over- and underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps
  • Crowded teeth

However, more severe cases sometimes require a referral to an orthodontist for alternative treatment methods. Fortunately, some preferred providers are able to treat these cases that would otherwise require visiting a different practice.

Wider patient age range

Another benefit of achieving higher status within the Invisalign® network is the ability to work with younger patients. At the most basic level, dentists who train with Invisalign® are only able to offer services to adults. Because a preferred Invisalign® provider has earned enough experience, they often qualify for training to provide care to children and teens as well.


On its own, Invisalign® is an excellent option for straightening teeth. However, patients who work with a preferred Invisalign® provider can enjoy additional benefits. In many situations, it may be helpful to choose a provider with this extra experience and training.

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