Teeth Whitening Is a Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

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You have probably heard a lot about teeth whitening in recent years. More and more adults are using this treatment to revive smiles and feel good about the way they look. After all, it can be embarrassing to have stained teeth. If you are struggling with discolored teeth, it is time to talk to your dentist about the right solution.

Common ways teeth do not stay white

It would be nice if teeth could always be that naturally white color. Unfortunately, multiple factors change that over time. People of all ages can experience their teeth turning yellow, brown, or gray. Poor dental hygiene is a big reason why people look to do teeth whitening. Not brushing enough with a fluoride-based toothpaste can gradually turn white teeth into a less attractive color.

Also, certain foods and beverages can stain teeth. Tomato sauce, wine, coffee, tea, and cola are among the biggest culprits. Some medications can have the same effect. Eating and drinking these items in moderation should not be too big of a concern. People should be mindful not to consume them excessively.

Store-bought products

A trip to the grocery store or drug store should revel to shoppers that there is no shortage of teeth whitening products available. Toothpaste companies make products with agents to whiten teeth. There are also whitening strips that people can put on their teeth. These items can be effective but generally take several weeks or months to produce visible results. The whitening does not always last long either.

Take-home teeth whitening

Another option that patients can choose puts them in control of removing stains from teeth. Dentists provide teeth bleaching kits that people can take home and use over the next several weeks or months. The dentist will make an impression of the patient’s mouth and custom-make mouthguards. In these, the patient will put hydrogen peroxide gel every night before going to bed. After wearing these for a prescribed period, the person should see noticeable changes to the teeth.

In-office whitening

Perhaps the most common and effective way to achieve teeth whitening occurs in the dentist’s office. Using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, the dentist applies whitening gel on the patient’s teeth. Light or heat activates the chemicals and speeds up the whitening process. Instead of wearing trays or strips for numerous nights, the patient only needs one or two treatments at the office. These appointments take around an hour and can produce pleasing results. Many patients enjoy whiter teeth for the next several years before having to do another round of treatments.

Enjoy your smile again

When you meet someone, their smile is one of the first things you will notice. That means other people will remark the same thing about you. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, do something about it. Talk to your dentist today about what teeth whitening method is right for you. Make an appointment today so you can get started on the process of reviving your beautiful teeth.

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