Pleasant Dental Uses Root Canals to Treat Infected Teeth

Root CanalWhen one or more of your teeth become infected due to untreated cavities or injury, root canals may be required. Many patients are confused as to when and why root canals are necessary. Some people confuse root canals with other dental restoration methods or preventative measures. Pleasant Dental can help you understand why root canals are needed and when you should visit our office to receive one. We have provided some common questions about our treatments along with the answers below.

What are root canals?

We receive this question commonly. Root canals, also known as root canal treatments, are used to save your teeth when you have decay and infection that could cause the loss of your teeth. When a cavity has grown into an infection of the pulp and roots of your tooth, you risk losing your tooth if you do not act soon. The pulp in your tooth is the “heart” of it that contains all of the blood vessels and nerves. During our root canals, we will remove the infection and the damaged tissue of your nerves and pulp and then fill your tooth in with a stronger material that will prevent future infection. Root canals save teeth. Without root canals, infection would become so bad that abscesses would form and teeth would die.

Why do I need to save my teeth?

Pleasant Dental encourages patients to save as many natural teeth as possible because no replacement will be as strong your original teeth. You do not only need your teeth to eat and speak but you also need your teeth to maintain a proper dental structure. When you lose teeth due to circumstances like infection in your roots and dental pulp, the surrounding teeth will be under much more pressure and may also become damaged. If you lose too many teeth, your jawbone and facial bones may become malformed as you age.

You will also want to maintain as many natural teeth as possible because dental replacements can be costly. We want to help save you money and valuable time by encouraging you to take care of your teeth and visit our office for root canals if they are needed.

Is getting a filling the same as getting a root canal?

No. Fillings are used to repair your tooth when it has a cavity. Cavities occur when your tooth has become decayed due to consuming too many sugary or acidic foods and drinks, not brushing or flossing as necessary, or failing to visit your dentist at least twice a year like we recommend. When cavities are not removed and repaired with a filling, cavities or dental decay can become worse and turn into an infection of the pulp of your tooth. At this point, root canals will be required to save your tooth.

We hope the answers to common queries about dental treatment and root canals have helped you understand why it is important to remain proactive when trying to maintain a good oral health. Visit Pleasant Dental to learn more.


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