Is a Tooth Abscess Considered a Dental Emergency?

tooth abscess

A tooth abscess is an infection. The primary symptom is swelling and pain. The level of pain and swelling ultimately determines whether there is a dental emergency. However, if the tooth abscess is not treated in a timely manner, it will likely cause a significant infection in the jawbone.

Tooth abscesses are dental emergencies

A tooth abscess qualifies as a dental emergency. If a patient delays treatment, it has the potential to lead to an even more serious medical issue. Abscesses can prove quite painful, as this condition is spurred by an infection within the center portion of the tooth. The body combats the infection, generating a collection of bacteria, tissue, and pus. This pus is actually white blood cells grouping together. The tooth abscess that results will prove quite uncomfortable.

If the abscess is not treated quickly or properly, the infection will almost certainly move across the rest of the head and even to the neck. It is also possible for a neglected tooth abscess to cause a fatal brain abscess. If someone has an aching tooth, they should meet with a dentist right away to determine if there is an abscess. If a regular dentist is unavailable, meet with an emergency dentist.

How to handle a dental abscess after traditional dental hours

Patients should try to meet with their dentist immediately after noticing a tooth abscess. Unfortunately, some abscesses manifest on weekends, Friday evenings and holidays. If the tooth abscess causes swelling, fever, issues with swallowing or spurs trouble with breathing, the infection is likely compromising the jaw, as well as other tissues in the mouth. It is even possible the tooth abscess is impacting other portions of the body. However, a patient will not know how severe it is until they meet with an emergency dentist.

Common symptoms of a tooth abscess that indicate emergency dental assistance are necessary

A tooth abscess that leads to a consistent toothache is cause for concern. One that spurs significant pain in the neck, jawbone or ear is a major problem. Furthermore, an abscess that causes sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures or pressure when chewing should be analyzed by an experienced dentist right away. Additional symptoms of tooth abscesses include tenderness along the lymph nodes and swelling in the face.

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