How Often Is a Child’s Dental Cleaning Needed?

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If you have not chosen a pediatric dentist for your child, it is time to find one. This dental professional can provide essential oral health care for your son or daughter. Not only will your dentist do restorative work such as fillings, but regular cleanings are part of checkups too. Keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and strong by making and keeping consistent appointments.

A typical pediatric dentist appointment

Patients will get plenty of care at a dental checkup. The pediatric dentist will first calm and reassure the child. Staff members will carefully explain what will take place and may even talk about the tools the dentist and hygienist will use. The hygienist will clean the child’s teeth and gums with an ultrasonic tool. The dentist will also examine the child’s mouth and look for any signs of decay, damage or emerging gum disease. The patient will also get X-rays. These pictures can reveal smaller cavities in all parts of the tooth and roots.


The dental cleaning is one of the most critical aspects of a checkup. Parents should not procrastinate making an appointment for their child. Some parents think children do not need a teeth cleaning from the pediatric dentist until they have several teeth. In reality, as soon as the first tooth comes through, a toddler needs dental care. From this time throughout childhood and into the adult years, patients need a teeth cleaning every six months. More frequent appointments may be necessary if a person has tooth or gum pain.

Consequences of waiting or ignoring the appointments

Regular brushing and flossing can help minimize the risk of getting cavities, infections, gum disease or damage to teeth. Still, these habits are not enough. The pediatric dentist can provide care beyond what a patient can do alone. If parents do not take children to the dentist, it may be difficult to identify oral health conditions. Regular cleanings and other checkup interventions can spot problems before they get worse.

In between appointments

In the months between regular checkups, the child can do things at home to promote good health. In addition to brushing and flossing, parents should help children eat well. This means youngsters should avoid sugary food and beverages such as candy, soda and juices. Parents should keep an eye on their children’s teeth and gums. If parents detect broken or chipped teeth, or if the child complains of a toothache, the family should visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Stay on track

Teeth-cleaning appointments are not visits that you should neglect. This is particularly important for children. Not only will this help keep teeth healthy and strong, but the cleanings also improve the appearance of the teeth and gums. Also, consistently coming to the pediatric dentist for regular checkups will establish a pattern the child can follow throughout life. If it has been a while since your child has been to the office, or it is time for your child’s first cleaning, call your dentist today and make an appointment.

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