How Long Should I Wear My Teeth Whitening Trays?

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You might find yourself wondering how long you should wear your teeth whitening trays if you plan to use an at-home whitening kit. Teeth whitening is a great way to improve the color of teeth. It is done using bleaching chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide, to whiten both the outer and inner layers of teeth.

As far as how long a patient should wear their teeth whitening trays goes, there is no clear answer. The answer depends on a variety of factors, like the whitening product being used, how long it has been since the patient's last whitening treatment and how sensitive the patient's teeth are.

Whitening teeth with custom mouth trays

Teeth whitening treatments often involve using custom mouth trays that are made from an impression of the patient's teeth. The patient bites down on a mold and the impression is sent to a lab that makes mouth trays. The process takes two weeks on average.

The typical at-home whitening kit prescribed by a dentist contains about 10% hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. With such products, dentists typically advise their patients to wear their mouth trays for two to four hours. If the patient's teeth are healthy with significant discoloration, the dentist might advise them to wear their mouth tray overnight.

The number of treatments it takes for each person to reach the desired shade of white they want for their teeth depends on factors like the concentration of the bleaching agent and how severe the discoloration on their teeth is.

The average person who has stains caused by the colors in the things they consume, like coffee and smoking, should use their at-home whitening kit once daily. It can take up to two weeks for such patients to get rid of about 90% of stains on their teeth.

Patients can speed up the process of whitening their teeth by:

  • Using a whitening product with a higher concentration of hydrogen carbamide and hydrogen peroxide
  • Using the maximum length of time recommended. Patients should stick to the higher end of the dentist's recommendations
  • Brushing their teeth before performing whitening treatments

Using a higher concentration of bleaching agents leads to faster results, but it also increases the odds of the person experiencing side effects, like teeth sensitivity. While products with lower concentrations do not whiten teeth as fast as more concentrated ones do, they will eventually make the patient's teeth just as white. Lower concentrations of bleaching agents are gentler on teeth, making them a better option for people with sensitive teeth.

Patients should also adjust the frequency of their treatment based on their comfort levels. It is an effective way to control the side effects of the procedure. People with sensitive teeth should wear their mouth tray using the lower end of the guidelines the dentist provides. They should also get less frequent treatments.

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