How Long Can Dental Laminates Protect Your Teeth?

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Getting a dental laminate is a quick way to improve the appearance of your teeth. It is a common smile makeover treatment. Laminates are extra-thin porcelain shells. The dentist bonds these custom shells to the front surface of teeth. Doing so corrects dental stains, chips, and cracks. If you want to know how long dental laminates can protect your teeth, here are the details.

The durability

A dental laminate can last from 10-30 years. This extra-thin porcelain shell is durable but only to a degree. Porcelain is a type of glass. It can shatter under tremendous amounts of pressure. Activities like bruxism or teeth grinding can damage it.

This smile makeover is a temporary one. Dentists file down much of the natural tooth structure. Doing so allows the thicker shells to adhere and fit better on the dental surface. Laminates do not need filing at all. Routine dental exams will make sure these shells remain intact.

The right material

A dental laminate is made of porcelain. This is a more expensive type of veneer. The extra cost is for its porcelain material. This glass shell has a brighter shine. An ultra-thin, porcelain shell disperses light in a different way.

Composite regular veneers are less expensive. Even so, they are prone to cracking and chipping. Porcelain laminates do not chip or crack right away. These shells can even last longer than composite veneers.

Keeping away from bad dental habits

Chewing on fingernails and ice cubes can make a dental laminate crack or chip. Opening packages with laminated teeth is also an undesirable activity. This can damage or even take the shell off the tooth. Quitting smoking prevents dental staining and the onset of periodontal disease.

Reducing soda consumption

Soda is sweet and acidic. It contains phosphoric acid, which corrodes the enamel and the boding between the tooth and the dental laminate. Occasional soda drinking is all right. Regular consumption can lead to dental laminate failure. Drinking with a straw reduces the contact between the corrosive soda and the laminate.

Protecting the veneers

Shielding the dental laminate from extreme forces can prevent failure. Dentists recommend a mouth guard for people who engage in contact sports. This dental accessory can also help those who suffer from bruxism. A mouth guard disperses force whenever the upper and lower dental arches rub against each other.

Caring for a dental laminate every day

It is important for the patient to brush and floss every day. A dental laminate can shield the teeth underneath it. This may be good to show off a bright smile. But the teeth underneath the porcelain shells are still prone to developing cavities. Proper oral care every day keeps the teeth underneath healthy and strong.

A dental laminate is a form of a long-lasting smile makeover

Your dentist will check if you are a good candidate for laminates. There will be very little preparation for this dental treatment. In one dental appointment, you can have bright, shiny teeth. Taking care of your dental laminate will make it last from 10-30 years.

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