How Important Is It to Treat a Chipped Tooth?

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Repairing a chipped tooth is important. A damaged tooth will affect your self-image and even the way the tooth functions. Dental bonding supports and strengthens the tooth in just one dental appointment. If you want to know how important it is to treat your chipped tooth, here are the details.

Causes of broken teeth

Many factors can lead to broken teeth. Contact sports, outdoor adventures, accidents, and injuries. A person who does not wear a mouthguard can have dental damage like a chipped tooth. Aging and tooth decay can lead to chipping as well. Biting into something hard can chip off a significant amount of tooth structure. Addressing a chipped tooth must happen as soon as possible.

Advantages of getting dental bonding for a chipped tooth

Repairing teeth with dental bonding is quick, affordable, and simple. This treatment can improve the shape, color, and texture of the tooth. It is a durable way to resolve any structural issue on teeth. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, people with phobias about the dentist and the dental chair can go to the dental clinic with calmness. This lessens the stress in the patient and the dentist during the dental procedure.

The importance of repairing a chipped tooth

Enhancing a person’s smile is the main goal of every dental restoration. Dental damage is not a good thing. It affects the person’s self-esteem. This often blocks the person to achieve advancements in careers or personal relationships. It also keeps the person from eating and speaking the right way.

Dentists use dental bonding to make the repairs blend with the rest of the natural tooth’s color. The undetectable repairs of the chipped tooth help the person feel good about being with other people. Dental bonding can result in a brighter, more beautiful smile. It can enrich the person’s life and encourage more opportunities to socialize.

Repairing the tooth with dental bonding enables the person to regain proper speech, bite, and chew after one dental visit. This treatment takes care of the tiny cracks around the chipping. The strong bonding keeps these cracks from worsening. It protects the tooth from future damage.

A chipped tooth is a compromised tooth. Ignoring this dental injury can worsen the tiny cracks and turn them into fractures. This makes the tooth vulnerable to pain and bacterial infection. Dental bonding can close up the exposed area of the tooth and seal it. It will prevent the tiny cracks from becoming large ones that can reach the pulp or jawbone. If this happens, the dentist will perform either a root canal or extraction.

The procedure

The dentist starts with choosing the right shade of composite resin. This will be the basis for choosing the right tooth-colored material. The dentist will prepare the tooth by cleaning it and roughening it. The roughened surface will allow the dental bonding to stick to the tooth better. There will be no need to shave off some of the healthy tooth structure anymore. Dental bonding makes the chipped tooth stronger.

Treating your chipped tooth can prevent more serious dental problems

Dental damage, such as a chipped tooth, can result in more serious dental issues. Seeing the dentist for this dental issue must happen right away, even if it is a small one. This will prevent the chipping from worsening. It can also protect the tooth from future dental injuries.

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