Getting Your Teen Interested in Their Oral Hygiene: General Dentistry in Newtown

Posted on: September 7, 2019

Practicing proper oral hygiene is important. Adolescence is a good time to teach your child about healthy habits that will last for a lifetime. Getting your teen interested in and excited about oral care will ensure that your child grows up with a beautiful smile. There are multiple techniques that can help you keep your teen’s teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Tips to improve the oral hygiene of teenagers

Children should practice keeping their mouths clean and free from diseases and other problems such as bad breath. Poor brushing habits can cause gum disease, cavities, yellowing and even the loss of teeth. Parents should help children to prioritize self-care. Here are some tips that can help parents to get children interested in proper oral hygiene.

Giving the child freedom

Parents should not nag children. It is not good to invade the space of a child. Nagging will most probably make children not listen and brush less often. It is also advisable for parents not to make going to a dentist seem like a punishment. This will create a lifelong oral health problem.

Explaining the consequences

A parent should explain to a child the long-term consequences that can result from a failure to brush, including tooth decay, plaque buildup, gum surgery, tooth loss, root canal and even heart disease. Parents should focus on aspects of poor oral care that are more superficial. These include terrible breath and ugly teeth. This will get the attention of a child.

Making it interesting

Depending on the age of a teen, a parent can encourage the child to brush by making the process fun. For young teens, adding an iPod into the routine might make it interesting. A new and fun toothbrush can also help to keep the child interested in good oral care. Giving children colorful toothbrushes with their favorite cartoons or celebrities can be beneficial.

Getting the help of a professional

A parent should enlist the help of a dentist. The professional will be more objective and a child may listen to the individual more than a parent. A family dentist can offer some advice on the subject that a child may listen to. Another strategy that can be adopted is to provide the child with oral hygiene pamphlets, complete with pictures of rotten teeth and gum disease. This will make the child more aware of the consequences.

Leading by example

Teens usually do what they see parents doing. Parents should follow a proper dental routine themselves. If a parent sticks to a routine, the child may not rebel. A child will end up brushing regularly.

Learn more tips

Making brushing and flossing a positive experience will help to keep your child interested in good oral hygiene. You should not nag your child. Instead, explain the consequences of poor oral health and make routine brushing and flossing interesting. The input of your family dentist may also encourage your child to prioritize self-care. If you need more information and tips, contact your dentist.

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