Emergency Dental Care Treatment Options

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Want more information on emergency dental care treatment options? Many people tend to feel more comfortable when they have an idea of what to expect when experiencing a dental emergency and therefore in need of treatment by an experienced dentist. Ready to learn more about emergency treatment services?

Reasons for emergency dental care

Learning about the various reasons for emergency dental care services is beneficial, especially when it comes to understanding whether a true dental emergency is being experienced. Common reasons that someone would be in need of emergency dental care services include having one or more of their teeth completely knocked out of their mouth, severely fracturing a tooth, having an abscessed tooth and being in so much pain that it is difficult to function.

Emergency dental care treatment options

The following is a list of common emergency dental care treatment options.

An abscessed tooth

When someone is suffering from a tooth abscess, it is necessary for an emergency dentist to treat the abscessed tooth by using one of two treatment options. The first is to completely extract the tooth from the mouth. This is sometimes necessary when there is too much damage done to the tooth, which means the tooth can no longer be saved. The second option is to perform a root canal, which removes the infection and saves the tooth.

A completely knocked-out tooth

When a tooth has been completely knocked out of someone’s mouth, the treatment requires placing the tooth back into its socket so it can reattach itself. It is often necessary to splint the tooth using dental bonding or wiring to keep the tooth in place until it fully heals. If the tooth is not successfully reattached, the patient will need to find a tooth replacement option as soon as possible to replace the tooth.

A chipped or fractured tooth

When someone severely chips or fractures a tooth, it is possible that the tooth is now damaged and in jeopardy of being lost. An emergency dentist will treat this type of emergency dental situation by using a temporary or permanent filling or using a dental crown if too much of the tooth was chipped or fractured. If it is possible to save the pieces that broke off of a tooth, an emergency dentist may be able to reattach the pieces to the tooth.

Are you prepared for a dental emergency?

Are you currently in need of emergency dental care services? If so, you need to contact us right away and let us know more about your situation. You may need to be seen by an emergency dentist today to fix your dental problems or you may need to come in sometime in the next two days. It is important for you to feel confident in your ability to know what to do when experiencing a dental emergency. How confident are you feeling about dental emergencies?

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