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Individuals that are unhappy with what their teeth look like, should talk with a dentist who might recommend getting a dental crown as part of a smile makeover treatment. Although most people know that dental crowns are used for structural issues, many do not know that a crown can also serve aesthetic purposes. This article covers what to know about the application of dental crowns.

Purpose of dental crowns

A regular dental crown is a tooth cap that covers a damaged or severely decayed tooth—the crown functions by holding the tooth together and shielding it from external forces. A crown is considered a permanent restoration because after the crown is in place, only the dentist can remove it.

Generally, the dentist will recommend a dental crown during a smile makeover if the patient has just had a root canal, large fillings or a chipped or broken tooth. Crowns can usually survive up to 10 years of use with proper maintenance, and the routine is no different from the regular care for natural teeth. The dental crown is produced to match the outlook of the natural teeth as much as possible to give a pleasant and natural-looking smile.

Although crowns are mostly used to restore damaged teeth, they can also serve cosmetic purposes. Placing a crown is more invasive or less conservative than veneer placement, which means crowns are preferred in cases where there is a restorative purpose for placing the crown, as well as cosmetics. If the patient has misshapen teeth, placing a set of cosmetic crowns is an excellent way to improve the teeth and create a unified outlook. Crowns might also be a good option to hide discolored dental fillings.

Dental crown placement

Most of the work needed to place a dental crown is completed during the first appointment. After numbing the tooth, the dentist will shape the tooth by removing part of the tooth structure on all sides. The amount of trimming depends on the patient’s condition and the type of dental crown to ensure there is no slipping or bulkiness. 

After getting the right shape, the next step is to take impressions of the tooth – this is what makes the crown fit perfectly. The impression gives an accurate representation of the tooth and how it aligns with the rest of the teeth for biting and chewing. Modern advancements have seen the introduction of optical impressions, which allows digital images instead of physical molds. A color match is done, then the impressions will be sent to the dental lab. The patient will receive a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

The final appointment is for crown placement. After numbing the tooth, the dentist will remove the temporary crown. The new crown is placed over the tooth to check the fit and appearance. Additional adjustments may be done to ensure a good fit. After this, the crown will be cemented permanently over the tooth, and excess cement is cleaned off, thus completing the smile makeover procedure. 

Final note

It can be easy to think that a dental crown is only for people with severe dental issues, but it could also be an excellent way to improve the appearance of the teeth in a smile makeover procedure. When not sure about crowns, the general dentist can help.

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