Child’s Mouth Injury: What to Do

Posted on: February 2, 2019

While almost everyone can experience a mouth injury, it is especially difficult when a child does. Most parents or guardians will probably panic when their child experiences an injury to the mouth because it’s a tender territory with the teeth and the jaw.

Knowing what to do when a child incurs an injury to their mouth can be helpful when it happens or to know for the future. Today, we have gone over a few things that one should do when a child injures their mouth.

What to do when a child injures their mouth

Rinse immediately

As soon as a child injures their mouth, it is best to immediately rinse the mouth entirely. While they may be experiencing pain, it is absolutely necessary to cleanse the mouth and wash it out of any blood, particles, or bacteria.

A saltwater rinse is the safest rinse to use as a mouthwash might create more pain for a child. Mix warm water with a small amount of salt and have the child swish the mixture about their mouth before spitting. The salt will help cleanse any wounds as well as ensure that there aren’t any bacteria particles left over.

Over the counter medications

If a child incurs an injury that is causing pain or swelling, it is best to give them a child’s over the counter medication that may help reduce inflammation or pain. While adult doses are too strong for a child, it’s best to only give a child-proof medication and to be sure to check with a dental professional or doctor before giving a child any such dosing.

If excessive bleeding occurs

If excessive bleeding is occurring from child’s mouth – whether it be a tooth, cheek or tongue, it is best to have them rinse the mouth entirely with the above-stated saltwater mixture but also use soft gauze to try and stop the bleeding. Be sure to not apply too much pressure or force as that could further damage the wound.

ER or emergency dentist

If the injury is severe where a tooth was knocked out or if there is an excessive amount of bleeding that will not stop, it is advised to get to an ER or emergency dentist office immediately. A lot of people may not know what is an emergency but if the child is in severe pain, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The bottom line

An injury to the mouth can be quite painful, especially for children. It’s important that the parent or guardian stays calm to help the child stay calm and feel safe. There are a few things that one can do to immediately remedy any wounds, but, ultimately, visiting a dental professional or a doctor who can treat the injury is what’s best to do.

If you have more questions about mouth injuries in children, then let us know today. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

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