Bad Breath Treatment: Available Products From Your Dental Hygienist

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Bad breath is embarrassing, but fortunately, you can get a bad breath treatment to eliminate the foul odor. When you come in for a treatment, your dental hygienist will also likely recommend some products you can use at home. These products will help you maintain fresh breath in between dental cleanings.

Products for bad breath

Dental hygienists understand what causes bad breath. Hygienists have access to an assortment of products to help patients who require a bad breath treatment. Hygienists recommend products based on the patient’s needs.

Electric toothbrush

Patients need to remove odor-causing bacteria when brushing their teeth. Many people have trouble doing this when using a manual toothbrush. They leave the bacteria behind, and these cause bad breath.

Dental hygienists recommend patients use an electric toothbrush for a more thorough cleaning. Toothbrushes should have timers to ensure patients brush for a full two minutes. A pressure sensor is also wise. The sensor sends a warning when people apply too much pressure to the teeth and gums.

Tongue scraper

Bacteria have a tendency to build up on the back of the tongue. While some people can effectively remove bacteria with a toothbrush, others need tongue scrapers. A tongue scraper quickly removes the bacteria, leaving the tongue free of odor-causing bacteria.

Mouth moistener

Many people require a bad breath treatment due to dry mouth. Saliva rinses bacteria from the mouth. People with dry mouth often have a buildup of bacteria that causes bad breath. A mouth moistener combats dry mouth. These moisteners come in the form of rinses and actually coat the mouth. These products provide long-lasting relief for people with dry mouth.

Water pick

Flossing with regular dental floss is difficult for some patients. When teeth are not properly flossed, bacteria build up and create an offensive odor. Hygienists often recommend water picks for these patients. Water picks are easy to use and remove debris and bacteria from in between the teeth.

Antibacterial mouthwash

Hygienists also recommend antibacterial mouthwashes for patients with chronic bad breath. Antibacterial mouthwashes target bacteria in the mouth. When bacteria are removed, the breath is much fresher.

Hygienists usually recommend antibacterial mouthwashes that do not contain alcohol. While alcohol can also kill bacteria, it dries out the mouth. That can actually make the breath worse after the minty flavor wears off. It is critical to choose a mouthwash that kills bacteria while keeping the mouth moist.

Do you need a bad breath treatment?

You likely feel embarrassed about having bad breath. You are so embarrassed that you do not want to talk to your dentist about the issue. However, it is critical to talk to the dentist and hygienist. Your dental hygienist can even provide products to help you deal with your bad breath. Electric toothbrushes, tongue scrapers, mouth moisteners and antibacterial mouthwash can all help you with your bad breath. Talk to your dentist and hygienist to get a treatment plan for your halitosis.

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