At What Age Should My Child See a Family Dentist for a Cleaning?

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Taking your child to a family dentist’s office regularly is essential. It will ensure that your child has clean teeth and gums. A routine of dental cleaning will also help with your child’s overall health. Read on to find out when you should make your child’s teeth cleaning appointment.

Visiting the family dentist

It is important for people to get an early start on dental care. Visiting the dentist early will help the child learn that a dental checkup is a regular part of health care. What happens during a dental checkup for children might vary depending on the age of the child and treatment needs. These dental checkups often include a cleaning by a dental provider. The child’s age, health and risk of tooth decay might determine how often dental exams should be scheduled.

When a child should have a dental exam

The first thing a parent should do is to find the right dentist. It could be the family dentist or one who focuses on treating children. Once the right dentist is selected, the parent should call the office to find out at what age the practitioner prefers to see child patients for the first time. Many practitioners recommend scheduling the child’s first dental checkup by one year of age or after the eruption of the first tooth.

If there is a problem, the child should be taken to the dentist right away. For toddlers, adolescents and school-age children, the ideal interval should be every six months. However, the dental provider might recommend less or more-frequent visits depending on several factors. These include the child’s risk factors for oral health problems.

Dental cleaning process

During the visit, the dental provider will remove the hardened plaque that clings to the enamel of the teeth. This will be done using particular dental instruments. They will also get rid of the other sticky plaque that forms on teeth and serves as a breeding ground for living bacteria. The child’s teeth will then be polished to remove stains. The process will also involve going over instructions of effective oral hygiene with the child.

Benefits of regular dental visits

Teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office also serves as an early warning system. During the teeth cleaning appointment, the dentist or dental hygienist will look for signs of other potential problems. These include cavities, receding gums as well as other medical problems. This will then give the practitioner an early start on correcting them. Treating dental problems early can keep oral diseases from getting worse. It may also cost less than treatment would later.

Bottom line

Just like adults, children should also have their teeth cleaned every six months or as recommended. Having your child’s teeth cleaned on a regular basis is definitely a habit worth getting into. You should ask your dentist the appropriate age for a cleaning and how often it is necessary to schedule appointments. But you should keep in mind that starting as early as possible is always ideal.

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