7 Reasons Dental Health Is So Important

Dental health is important for reasons beyond having a lovely-looking smile. Visit with an experienced dentist and you will find he or she can tell a lot about your overarching health based on the condition of your teeth and gums. The health of the mouth mirrors that of the entire body. An individual with a healthy mouth tends to have good overall health. Alternatively, those with poor oral health tend to have at least one or several health problems.  

Read 7 reasons why oral health is so important

  1. Optimal oral Health Prevents Some Forms of Disease

    The Academy of General Dentistry states there is a meaningful relationship between gum disease and other health issues like heart disease and stroke. Good oral health really can prevent other diseases. Dentists and medical professionals agree that the vast majority of systemic diseases, meaning those involving several organs or the entire body, manifest in the mouth.

    Everything from gum disease to swollen gums, dry mouth and mouth ulcers can lead to disease.

  2. Dental Health is Especially Important for Pregnant Women

    Women plagued by gum disease run the risk of reproducing a baby with a low birth weight. Furthermore, these babies are often born preterm.

  3. Dental Health Even Impacts Digestion

    Digestion commences with chemical and physical processes occurring in the mouth. If there are problems with the mouth, they might lead to irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal failure.

  4. Poor Dental Health can Cause Oral Pain

    The Office of the Surgeon General reports oral pain is primarily the result of infected gums. Infected gums eventually prove incapable of supporting the teeth and cause tooth loss. Gum disease impacts upwards of 75 percent of those living in the United States.

  5. Poor Dental Health can Even Lead to Death

    Let your oral health slide to the point that it causes gum disease and it just might play a part in your death. In fact, poor dental health can even be the direct cause of death. Gum disease has the potential to damage the heart, respiratory system and other portions of the body, spurring a  heart attack, coronary artery disease and/or stroke.

  6. Infections in the Mouth can Lead to Tooth Loss, Asthma and Arthritis

    An infection that beings in the mouth can cause all sorts of health issues. As an example, the inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) has the potential to eventually develop into periodontitis that leads to tooth loss. Infections starting in the mouth can also cause an array of complications ranging from asthma to arthritis.

  7. Oral Discomfort

    Neglect your oral health and you will eventually experience discomfort in your mouth. It is not a question of if but when this discomfort will arise. Yet plenty of people fail to clean their teeth in the proper manner.  Many refuse to visit the dentist at the recommended frequency of every six months.

The last thing you need is for a toothache or bleeding gums to cause oral pain that compromises your ability to work and support your family. Meet with Pleasant Dental to learn more about how we can help you prevent such oral health problems and subsequent body-wide issues.


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