4 Tips From a Pediatric Dentist to Help Your Child as Adult Teeth Come In

Posted on: May 14, 2019

Thinking that you need a pediatric dentist to provide your child with the dental health services that they need for good oral health? Good idea.

Dentists who decide to focus on treating children and teenagers have undergone pediatric dentist training. They understand the potential difficulties that can occur when children lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth begin to come in. A pediatric dentist knows exactly what to look for in order to help a child avoid any of these potential difficulties and for that reason, many parents are now choosing to take their child to a pediatric dentist.

The transition from baby teeth to adult teeth

When a child's first set of teeth begin to fall out of their mouth, it is essential that you take them in for a dental evaluation to ensure that their adult teeth are coming in exactly as they should.

4 Tips to help your child

The following is a list of four great tips from a pediatric dentist that can be useful to parents in order for them to help their child during this important transition process.

#1 – Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Wiggling a child’s baby teeth gently and often once it becomes lose can help the process. While a wiggly tooth can become a nuisance to some children, let them know that the tooth will eventually fall out on its own. Patience is a virtue in this situation!

#2 – Soft foods

Providing children with soft foods when their baby teeth are loose and/or when their adult teeth are beginning to come in helps them experience a lesser degree of soreness or pain when they are eating.

#3 – Oral care

Even when a child’s mouth is sore, it is still necessary for them to brush their teeth. They should use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush their teeth, it is important to remove any plaque buildup.

#4 – A little discomfort, pain, bleeding is normal

It is expected for children to experience a little discomfort or pain when losing one of their baby teeth. Even a little bit of bleeding is normal as the baby tooth begins to work itself loose from the mouth. Parents are encouraged to have their child rinse their mouth with salt water, apply a cool compress to the pained area and/or take over the counter pain relievers in order to ease their discomfort or pain.

Give us a call today

We would love to hear from you! Regular dental appointments are essential to your child’s good oral health. Dental appointments are even more important during certain oral situations, with one of the more important including the loss of baby teeth. When this initial set of teeth begin to fall out of your child’s mouth, they need an overall evaluation to ensure that their adult teeth are in place. If problems are found, prevention is always easier than correction. Give us a call today!

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