3 Tips to Adjust to Invisalign Aligners

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Using Invisalign® for teeth alignment is a more convenient way to straighten your smile. Some people do not want to have visible brackets and wires on their teeth. Choosing plastic aligners means taking more of the responsibility in keeping up with the schedule. It may take some time, but the routine will become organic over time. If you want to know how to adjust to Invisalign aligners better, here are three tips to remember.

Tip 1: following the rules of care

Storing the aligners with care helps ensure the good condition of the trays. It also makes sure the patients do not misplace them. Patients can remove the Invisalign trays during eating or dental care. Placing the current tray in a hard, colorful tray can make it easier to see where the aligners are when the patient is not wearing them. Having a container for the trays keeps them intact even if the container drops.

Cleaning the trays every day keeps them in top shape. The aligners remain clear each time the patient puts them on. Clean aligners make them almost invisible. Staining makes them noticeable. Cleaning them with warm water and anti-bacterial soap removes the bacteria and food particles from trays. Doing this at least once each day keeps the trays clear and in good condition.

Keeping the old Invisalign trays helps preserve the patient’s progress. The dentist will appreciate this effort. Losing trays may happen from time to time. But keeping the rest will make up for the ones the patient lost.

Different types of foods and drinks can contain colorings capable of discoloring aligners. Refraining from eating with the aligners will prevent them from staining. Removing them and then putting them back on can be tedious, but it does keep trays clear and clean. Caring for the aligners this way can make the patient’s experience more pleasant.

Tip 2: maintaining the treatment schedule

Dentists recommend wearing the Invisalign trays for 22 hours each day. This teeth straightening system will only work if the patient changes the aligners on time. Commitment is everything when it comes to this form of teeth alignment. That is why wearing the aligners for this long each day must happen. Long gaps in wearing them will extend the patient’s schedule for teeth straightening.

Traditional braces need regular wire adjustments from the dentist. Invisalign relies on the efforts of the patient. Making sure the patient wears the trays for 22 hours a day and changing them on the set schedule. This needs dedication and responsibility.

Tip 3: performing good oral care

This is an important method of care. It includes flossing and brushing every day. This means seeing the dentist on a regular schedule as well. These practices will make sure the aligners change on time and keep them in top condition as well.

Adjusting to the Invisalign teeth straightening system can take some time to get used to

Traditional braces can be painful and awkward to wear. It takes more effort to adjust to invisible aligners because of the extra effort the patient pours into teeth straightening. Following the guidance of your dentist can help you stay on your road to teeth straightening with Invisalign. Schedule your appointment today.

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