3 Reasons You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Posted on: November 1, 2019

Missing Teeth Newtown, CT

If you have missing teeth, you may be debating whether to go through the effort of replacing them. While there is a financial and time commitment to correct this condition, it is well worth it. Replacing teeth can benefit you in multiple ways. Your dentist can discuss different interventions with you to fill in these gaps.

Missing teeth replacement possibilities

Dentists have the knowledge, training and tools to restore smiles when patients have missing teeth. One of the most common is by placing dentures in the patient’s mouth. This appliance comprises a gum-colored base with metal, plastic-covered artificial teeth. Dentures are usually removable and conform to the shape of the patient’s mouth. Implants are fixed deep in the patient’s jaw. This durable option requires a series of surgeries and a lengthy recovery.

Bridges are another possibility to restore a person’s smile. These consist of artificial teeth or implants, anchored to crowns over the remaining natural teeth. A bridge is used to replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Stop more teeth from falling out

When one tooth falls out, it is likely that others will follow. When trauma or decay dislodges teeth, other adjacent teeth may start to shift. Eventually, these teeth could collapse and fall out as well. Missing teeth can also affect the gums, causing them to recede.

Improve the person’s appearance

It is no secret that an adult with missing teeth will stand out, not in a way the person would want. Large gaps in the mouth can be embarrassing and make a person feel self-conscious. It may not be easy for a person in this situation to develop relationships, speak in public or even open their mouth to laugh. Tooth loss can also cause the person’s face to sag, further hindering their appearance. Dentures, bridges or implants can address these concerns and provide natural-looking solutions.

Help manage routine tasks

Some people may take for granted the everyday activity of chewing. Patients who are missing teeth, however, understand how critical this is. If a person has multiple missing teeth, eating favorite foods can be a challenge. Chewing meat, bread, and even fruits and vegetables can be difficult and frustrating. Even speaking could be a burden. Artificial teeth can make eating and speaking normally possible once more.

Take care

Individuals can take steps to reduce the risk of losing teeth. People should be careful when eating hard foods. Dentists also recommend not using teeth to open packages or for anything other than chewing. Oral hygiene is important. People of all ages should brush twice a day and floss daily.

Do not live with missing teeth

There is no reason to suffer the challenges and embarrassment of having large gaps in your mouth. Regardless of what caused your teeth to fall out, you can do something about this problem. For health and appearance reasons, make sure you replace them. Call your dentist today if you want to fill in those spaces and once again enjoy a full smile.

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