3 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Newtown, CT

Rejuvenation using a smile makeover can make anyone feel and look like new. People have different reasons for getting a smile makeover. Whatever motivates you to seek this treatment, the result will always be a better outlook. Here are a few common reasons for getting a smile makeover.

Bolster physical appearance and self-image

When the way dentition looks starts to trigger embarrassment, a smile makeover is an order. Dental problems like discoloration, gaps, tooth loss, and crookedness usually result in low self-esteem. A smile makeover can take away that feeling of being inadequate. It can help an individual conquer a low self-image.

The smile makeover treatment can be teeth whitening, dental bonding, or implants. Whatever procedure the dentist decides with the patient, a smile makeover will always help the patient look better while maintaining good oral health. This will encourage the patient to face work and relationships without anxiety and fear of rejection. A smile makeover can benefit people whose jobs involve meeting or speaking in front of people.

Restore teeth for better oral health

Teeth can suffer from cavities, staining, and damage. These prevent the patient from having a healthy mouth. The only way to get back proper dental function is to get a smile makeover. Restoration treatments in this makeover stop infection and pain. They will also prevent the tooth from breaking down further.

Malocclusions can also develop. Discomfort and pain usually result from the misalignment of the jaw. These malocclusions often cause pain as the patient speaks and eats. With the dentist’s skills and knowledge, the patient can get dental appliances that can correct the teeth alignment. Straightened teeth are less vulnerable to decay and easier to clean.

Overcrowding is another issue that disrupts the aesthetic quality of a patient’s mouth. Plaque accumulation leads to tartar buildup along the patient’s gumline. Without treatment, this leads to the loosening of teeth and swollen gums. The patient also experiences pain and swelling. This is the stage when bacteria gather, aggravating gum disease. Over time, teeth fall out.

Repairs and rejuvenates damaged teeth

Broken teeth are common. Even the slightest chip can alter a tooth’s integrity and longevity. Once the enamel is compromised, bacteria will enter the tooth and begin to deteriorate it. A worn tooth is the same as damaged dentition. Staining, rough edges, and infection make teeth look old.

With a smile makeover, the patient’s teeth regain a youthful appearance and feel. The right treatment can smoothen the surface of teeth. Smoother teeth prevent bacteria and food particles from sticking to the tooth. This reduces bacterial proliferation and decay.

A smile makeover can change your life

The mentioned reasons motivate people to have a smile makeover. Better health, younger-looking teeth, and higher self-esteem are always the main rationale. A smile makeover will change your life, especially in the aspects of career and personal relationships. Whatever your reason is for getting a smile makeover, a skilled dentist can help transform your smile.

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