3 Reasons Full Mouth Dental Implants Can Improve Your Oral Health

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Full mouth dental implants offer oral cosmetic, functional, and oral health benefits. This review discusses specifically how full-mouth dental implants can improve your oral health by protecting jawbone density, improving periodontal health, and more. 

How full mouth dental implants can benefit oral health

By learning more about the oral health benefits of dental implants, patients can determine for themselves if treatment is right for them. Full mouth dental implants refer to replacing an entire row (or both rows) of missing teeth through the strategic placement of multiple dental implants followed by the permanent attachment of dentures. 

Restore and protect jawbone density

The jawbone can become lost for several reasons. It can begin as a result of periodontal disease and progress due to atrophy after losing multiple teeth. One of the unique benefits of full-mouth dental implants is that they can preserve the density of the jawbone and help protect against bone loss. 

Many patients who begin dental implant treatment have already experienced bone loss in the jaw. The good news is this does not disqualify most patients. The dentist can restore the jawbone density and help ensure each implant is adequately supported through a bone graft procedure. This procedure is not included with alternative methods of teeth replacement such as a fixed bridge or traditional dentures. 

Give patients more of a reason to care for their periodontal health

A common misconception among patients who do not replace their missing teeth with dental implants is that there is no need to care for their periodontal health. This can lead to additional concerns, such as continued loss of bone inside the jaw. 

Patients that choose full mouth dental implants have added motivation to take care of their periodontal health through a consistent oral care routine and regular check-up visits and cleanings. This is because the dental implants, much like the roots of natural teeth, are supported by the jawbone and gums, and any health issues, such as periodontitis, could make it more likely that the implants come loose earlier than expected. 

Restore functionality

Many patients who lose teeth have more limited dietary choices because chewing becomes far more challenging. Full mouth dental implants restore the ability of the mouth to function how the patient desires. This can work for or against the patient’s oral health (and general health). It often puts patients in a position to make choices with their diet that benefit their oral health and general health. 

Are you interested in full mouth dental implants?

Here at our dental practice, we believe that every patient should have the opportunity to restore the health and appearance of their smile after losing multiple teeth. Whether you choose full mouth dental implants or an alternative treatment solution, we can help you get the teeth replacement treatment that you need.

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