Important Information About Children’s Teeth and Pacifiers

There is plenty of debate as to whether it is prudent to provide babies with pacifiers as there might be the potential for damage to children's teeth.  There are certainly numerous positives and negatives to pacifiers. Unfortunately, the negatives tend … Continued

CPAP vs Oral Appliance To Treat Sleep Apnea

People who suffer from sleep apnea are tasked with choosing between oral appliances and CPAP for treatment.  This is not an easy decision, to say the least. Most patients are unaware as to which form of treatment is ideal for … Continued

5 Dental Tips That Will Brighten Teeth

If you do not like the look of your smile, do not assume it is impossible to brighten your teeth.  It is time to put all those doubts and fears to the side and finally transform your smile. A spectacular … Continued

Food and Drinks That Damage Your Teeth

There is a general conception that candy and soda are likely to damage teeth.  However, candy is only one of many threats to your pearly whites. Even something as seemingly innocent and non-threatening as bread has the potential to damage … Continued

Dental Habits to Preserve the Health and Appearance of the Teeth

When it comes to the best and worst dental habits, some habits are particularly beneficial compared to others.  We can identify some of the most effective tips to help you get into an oral health routine that prolongs the utility … Continued

How a Dentist Can Fix Your Teeth

If you are self-conscious about your smile due to broken, cracked, chipped, discolored, stained or otherwise flawed chompers or gums, it is time to fix your teeth.  A cosmetic dentist can fix your teeth so you look young, vibrant and … Continued

5 Oral Hygiene Tips You Need to Know

Proper oral hygiene is essential to oral health as well as fresh breath and a beautiful smile.  The sad truth is the average person does not understand the true importance of oral health or hygiene.  Most people assume brushing twice … Continued

How Implant Crowns Can Benefit Your Oral Health

Implant crowns are placed upon dental implants after a process known as osseointegration occurs.  This process involves the attachment of diminutive titanium rods to the jaw bone.  Once these titanium rods are firmly connected to the jaw, the ceramic crown … Continued

A Teeth Cleaning Can Combat Bad Breath and Plaque Build Up

A teeth cleaning can help you to get rid of bad breath and plaque buildup. When your teeth have plaque on them, they are at risk for tooth decay. Plaque build up is also one of the biggest causes of … Continued

How Dentures Work When Compared With Other Restorations

When you are missing teeth, it is important to consider how dentures work when compared with other restorations. It can be easy to go with the first dental restoration you hear about, so you do not have to do additional … Continued